Visit to the Children's Homes

March 2019

On their recent trip to Uganda, Gordon and Phil made many community visits to the children's homes, which they described as a harrowing experience. Here they give their account of the poverty and living conditions witnessed:

EVC Uganda identifies children who are not in school and come from the poorest families in the Kyankoole area and whose parents or guardians cannot afford school fees. Without sponsorship, these children would have no hope of an education and continue to live at home in poverty.

During our visit we accompanied Father Boniface and our Ugandan administration staff on home visits, to meet parents, grandparents and guardians.

On many visits, we would meet an elderly grandmother looking after dozens of children because the mothers and fathers had either died or their whereabouts were unknown.

The pictures speak for themselves:


EVC Uganda: Visit to the Children's Homes

EVC Uganda: Visit to the Children's Homes

EVC Uganda: Visit to the Children's Homes


Once in school, the children learn readily and become more confident. Getting an education, even to a primary level, enables them to either continue on to secondary school, help out more effectively at home or find employment. Education is a lifesaver. 


EVC Uganda: Visit to the Children's Homes

EVC Uganda: Children at St Matia Mulumba


Thank you all those who have become sponsors; the difference you have made to the lives of the children and their families is immeasurable. Below is a testimonial from Teddy, a mother benefitting from the child sponsorship programme:


A 'Thank You' message from Teddy & her family


EVC Uganda: Teddy & her daughters

Special thanks to all EVC members for the work done in our parish Kyansi and our schools. We were backward in educating our children because we lacked support. Many of our children were at home and had never gone to school. The coming of EVC in our parish has enabled many people to change their behaviour and minds, as well as taking their children in school for education, which was not there before.

In regards to my family, EVC members visited me and saw the number of children I have, where we stay and that I lacked support. I have seven children and am responsible for two relatives. But now three of my children and both relatives are studying at St Matia Mulumba. My elder daughter had left school for a year but I thank EVC for getting her a sponsor. She is now at Kyamuliibwa Vocational Institute doing her course in Art & Design. 

Thank you to EVC for accepting to help us. I now have peace in my heart because I no longer worry about my children’s futures. We thank all our parents from the UK for the good work done. May the good Lord bless you and your work, and we shall always keep you in our prayers.


How can you help?

It costs £240 to sponsor a child ( £20 monthly standing order ) This provides a child with an education, accommodation, clothing and food and pays teaching and non teaching staff. You can also donate securely through BT Giving.