Get to know Naluyange Gonzaga

June 2019

At the start of the year, Gonzaga, an active volunteer for EVC Uganda, was appointed the Finance and Administration Manager in Uganda. Previous to this, her role was the Bursar to St Matia Mulumba school.

Gonzaga has agreed to be interviewed to share a little about her background and her involvement in the new role. Her personal story demonstrates the importance and impact of a good education.


Gonzaga and Mike

Pictured: Gonzaga & Mike - St Matia Mulumba Mission and Vision

Pictured: Gonzaga


Hi Gonzaga, thanks for spending some time with us today. Please tell us about yourself.
Thank you! My name is Naluyange Gonzaga, I have been working with EVC Uganda since May 2014. Before becoming the Finance and Administration Manager, I was the Bursar to St Matia Mulumba school, where I was responsible for their day to day financial activities. I also supported the Head Teacher, filling in when she was not around and I assisted with some of the administrative work. This prepared me for my current job role.

You played a very important role at St Matia Mulumba! What motivated you when you were younger?
I grew up in a large family. My elder brother left a good impression on me when I was young - he was also a bursar. I studied hard to pass my exams and gained a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at Kyambogo University. I then was able to follow in his footsteps.

You must feel that education is important then? 
Yes, absolutely! Education allows children to fulfil their dreams and motivate them to work towards this.

What attracted you to the Finance and Administration Manager position?
I enjoy working with schools, teachers and children. I know how to handle children through counselling and I try my best to be an example to them. I had experience in financial management and have been doing regular monitoring and evaluation of the project work. I saw myself as ready for the position and am committed with God on my side.

What have you been doing since you were appointed?
I do regular visits to children in all their respective schools, collect the children’s letters and school reports, collect letters and parcels from sponsors from the post office. I provide quick responses to UK queries, monitor projects and carry out accounting for proper management of EVC funds.

In addition, I am continually on the look-out for new children in need of sponsorship. This entails visiting children’s homes and liaising with parents and guardians. I have also been appointed the EVC Safeguarding Manager in Uganda and I will be developing this role in the coming years.

What do you enjoy in your duties?
I feel happy when the vulnerable children are helped and are in school and happy too. We try to provide them with physical and educational requirements and give them courage that they can make it and have a brighter future. I feel happy when EVC funds are used as expected and properly tracked by following accounting principles.

What are your future plans? 
I will be committed to work tirelessly to meet all EVC goals and to help realise children’s dreams. I will look for more vulnerable children in need of help, visit all sponsored children in schools, talk with them, counsel them, provide the necessary personal requirements, talk with responsible parents and work with them so as to meet children’s needs. I will look for organisations whose goals and objectives are in line with EVC and explore possible partnerships as well as organising fundraising locally for our many projects.

So what do you do to relax? Do you have any hobbies?
I like listening to music and spending time with other people.

And finally, a very important question: What's your favourite food?
That's easy! That would be matoke - it's the national dish of Uganda!  


Gonzaga, Phil & Sr Harriet

Pictured: Gonzaga, Phil & Sr Harriet

Gonzaga & Fr Boniface

Pictured: Gonzaga with Fr Boniface, Phil & the students from St Matia Mulumba School


How can you help?

It costs £240 to sponsor a child ( £20 monthly standing order ) This provides a child with an education, accommodation, clothing and food and pays teaching and non teaching staff. You can also donate securely through BT Giving.