Got a question? Below are questions & answers about how EVC Uganda operates

Here are some of the FAQs, asked by our child sponsors, fundraisers and volunteers:

How can all my money go to the children - what about other costs e.g. admin costs to run the charity?
When you become a sponsor all your sponsorship money goes directly to your child. If you donate as part of a general collection, this money may go to our sponsorship programmes e.g. dormitory building. A small percentage of the general collection money also goes on admin. Our admin costs are very low.

How long do I have to sponsor for?
We recommend you don't take sponsorship of a child lightly. Please consider that a child may need help with education for 10-15 years.

What happens if I take on sponsorship and then can no longer continue?
We understand that people's financial circumstances change. If this happens, you can cancel sponsorship and EVC would endeavour to find a replacement sponsor for that child. We would also welcome you back as a sponsor at any time.

Where does my gift-aid money go?
This is at the discretion of the Board of Trustees and will either go to support a child in education or, to one of the projects we are currently funding.

How often will I hear from my child?
We usually receive correspondence from the children who are sponsored twice a year. The children write letters to their sponsors telling them about themselves. Also, at the end of each academic year, the school provides a report on how the child is getting on at school.

Can I write to my child directly?
All correspondence to the children goes through our co-ordinators in Uganda. This is to ensure the content is appropriate and is in line with our Child Protection Policy.

How does the charity monitor the work in Uganda?
Trustees visit the project annually. They oversee and monitor work in the schools and the various projects; this includes financial monitoring. These visits are funded personally by the trustees.

Why should we support EVC specifically?
For many of the reasons outlined:

  • All money donated to child sponsorship and our projects goes directly as specified, nothing is taken out for administration.
  • We have no paid staff; EVC is run entirely by volunteers
  • Child sponsorship costs £240 annually, £20 a month, 67p a day. The cost is very competitive.
  • Child sponsors receive two letters annually from their child, a school report on their child's progress, a report on the success of the school overall and two newsletters, outlining up to date news about EVC's work.
  • Annual monitoring visits overseeing the work in Uganda, including financial oversight. A report back to child sponsors is made on these visits.

Where in Uganda does the Charity work?
The project is based near the town of Masaka in southern Uganda.

What projects do you fund?
Following the successful completion of a girls’ dormitory, we are now funding the building of a new boys’ dormitory at one of our main schools. We are also providing the school children and local community with clean drinking water and solar-powered lighting to use in their homes.

How do you fund your administration?
From monies not donated for child sponsorship or projects ie general funds.

How can I volunteer for EVC?
Please contact judi.fawcett@evcuganda.org in order to find out how you can volunteer with us. Presently we have opportunities covering a wide range of activities.

Do you have an Equality and Diversity Policy?
Yes, our Equality and Diversity Policy can be downloaded here. We warmly welcome all people, regardless of age, sex, disability and religion. We act in ways that are transparent, consistent and fair.

Do you have a Child Protection Policy?
Yes, we do. Our Policy for Safeguarding can be downloaded here. We also have a trustee with responsibility for Child Protection and a person at the project in Uganda responsible for this.

Can child sponsors send gifts to their sponsored children?
Yes. All gifts are sent initially to our key personnel in the area, who vet them to ensure they are suitable and then pass them on to the children.

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact us.


How can you help?

It costs £240 to sponsor a child ( £20 monthly standing order ) This provides a child with an education, accommodation, clothing and food and pays teaching and non teaching staff. You can also donate securely through BT Giving.